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HP Monitor Cooler Review

Category : Cooling
Manufacturer : Hewlett-Packard

Posted by: Ultra on 2003-08-02



It is assumed that the internal components of our PCs are the only components that have a necessity to be cooled. New innovative technologies are constantly providing better ways to cool these components the best they can. I have even seen mice modified to equip an internal fan to cool one’s sweaty palms whilst gaming violently. However, there has been much neglect of another component which is of equal importance; the monitor.

For those of us that use CRT monitors frequently, we know that monitors can generate a lot of heat. I own a twenty-two inch Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u monitor and use it everyday for long hours. After four or five hours of on-time, my small and cluttered room has a tendency to act like a sauna. Although the monitor size and brand is irrelevant to this review, I felt a need to gloat.

Today I will be reviewing the Hewlett Packard Monitor Cooler provided by the good guys at HardcoreCooling.us. Before we continue, take a look at the following box specifications and features.

-Static Pressure 0.11 Inch-H2O
-MTBF: 20,000 hours
-Air flow: 38 CFM
-Speed: 2100 RPM
-Noise: 27 dbA
-Voltage: Dc12 V
-Power: 1.56 W
-Current 0.13 A
-Dimension 210x150x43mm

-Extended monitor’s life and reliability
-Easy Installation
-Over 30 degree temperature drop
-Maintain cool air circulation
-High performance and low noise
-Fits any CRT monitor

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