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Enermax UC-A5 fan controller\temp monitor review

Category : Cooling
Manufacturer : Enermax

Posted by: Nightmare on 2003-09-12



Taking your Pentium 4 2.4C or Thoroughbred 1700+ to the limit requires some serious cooling, and creates some serious noise. For times when you don’t need that Vantec Tornado fan at 100%, an Enermax fan controller may be the perfect solution. Thanks to Xoxide for the unit.

The unit comes in a relatively simple package, inside of which is the fan controller itself, a small instruction manual, and some stickers for labeling what fans the knobs control.

The A5 is one of the three types of Enermax’s new line of aluminum fan controllers. There is also a USB\FireWire\audio port model, and a model designed for 3.5” bays. As you can see, each is available in black, silver, or white.

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