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Asetek Vapochill Micro Review

Category : Cooling
Manufacturer : Asetek

Posted by: Ben on 2005-10-04


The Vapochill Micro

Asetek is a company now famed for its extreme cooling solutions, thanks to the superb Vapochill line of phase change coolers, and the equally well-known Waterchill series. The product we are looking at today however is a more conventional heat sink and fan solution, though there is more than enough high tech goodness for Asetek to distinguish itself amidst the crowded CPU cooler market.

The Vapochill micro is available for all Athlon 64 sockets (754/940/939), Socket 478 Pentium and Socket 775. It is available in Ultra Low Noise, Extreme Performance, and High end variants. The latter is actually the entry level unit and comes without a fan controller. The ULN and Extreme variants both come with a PCI plate based RPM controller, but have different fans.

The Vapochill micro uses a technology known as the “vapour chamber” to increase efficiency above traditional designs. The inside of the Vapochill Micro is hollow, into which is placed R134a refrigerant. As the CPU heats up, the R134a changes state into a gas and rises to the top of the chamber, pulling heat away from the CPU. As the fan and fins cool the gas, it condenses back into a liquid, and starts the cycle again.

The Vapochill micro is more efficient than traditional heat-pipe designs because the evaporator is directly mounted on the CPU, and has a dramatically increased evaporation surface area.

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