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ATi RD480 Crossfire Motherboard Shootout

Category : Motherboards
Manufacturer : Various

Posted by: Ben on 2006-05-24



Although ATi recently released its RD580 chipset (Radeon Xpress 3200), it plans on continuing its RD480 (Radeon Xpress 200) products as the “mainstream” crossfire solution. Naturally not everyone wants to fork out £150 on a motherboard, so the RD480 certainly still has a place despite the introduction of its more illustrious brother. Since only a couple of manufacturers actually have a working RD580 motherboard available, there simply isn't the variety of products out there to warrant a group test either!

We have pitted what we consider to be six of the best Crossfire motherboards on the market against each other, and compared their features, layout, value and performance. Some of the products in the group test have been suplimented with Xpress 3200 alternatives, in which case we have taken this into consideration when rating them.

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