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Intel Core 2 Duo Review

Category : Processors
Manufacturer : Intel

Posted by: Ben on 2006-08-15



Intel’s new Core architecture is quite a departure from the firm's previous Pentium technology, blending the best features of Netburst and Pentium M to produce a chip that is both highly efficient and extremely fast. From Netburst the Core 2 Duo inherits the same LGA775 socket format and extremely high FSB speeds of 1066MHz. It also inherits much of its prefetching technology from the Pentium 4 line, and is compatible with a number of the same motherboard chipsets. This is mostly where the similarity between Netburst and Core architectures ends, and the majority of the chip's other attributes are more closely derived from evolutions of the Pentium M mobile technology.

In terms of the chips themselves you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Core 2 Duo processor and a Pentium D as they both use the same LGA775 package. Unlike a conventional processor the pins on an LGA775 chip are found on the motherboard with gold contacts on the underside of the CPU where these pins interface. The chip is then locked in by a clamp built into the socket which greatly reduces the chances of any unseating during transit.

Now we have a had a look at the processor, lets take a brief look at the architecture and why Intel claims it is such a leap forward in technology.

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