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InnoDisk nanoSSD 64GB Review

Category : Storage
Manufacturer : InnoDisk

Posted by: Ian Jackson on 2010-09-01


Manufacturer: http://www.innodisk.com 
Price: £160.92 inc VAT
Best Price: http://www.memoryc.com

Whilst most electronic gadgets have been shrunk into ever smaller packages over the years, PC components seem to have been moving in the opposite direction. CPU coolers have swelled to gargantuan proportions in order to cater for hotter CPUs while video cards seem to be getting longer and longer with each generation. Fortunately hard disks have remained fixed in their dimentions with a 3.5” form factor for desktops and 2.5” size for notebooks, at least until now.


InnoDisk’s nanoSSD is easily the smallest SATA storage device we have ever seen, measuring just 4cm x 2.5cmx0.7cm in size. Unlike most drives that require a SATA cable the nanoSSD instead plugs into the slot directly. On some motherboards with 90-degree SATA port sockets this is going to cause a problem because it could block up to three other ports in the process, but for most boards you’ll be just fine. As with all other SATA devices the nanoSSD requires a separate power connection. In this case it is provided by a Molex plug attached to a cable measuring about 20cm in length.

with cable

One of the biggest benefits of the nanoSSD is that it is not dependant on having spare drive bays for installation. If you want to give your machine a speed boost but it has no room for an extra drive this could be an ideal solution. Another type of user we thought would find this disk extremely useful every day is the onsite troubleshooter. Whether you fix PCs for a living or just find yourself doing all-too-many favours for friends and family, the nanoSSD is a great way of plugging in an emergency OS that will allow you to get them back up and running. It is also a great gadget for getting files onto your client’s machine extremely quickly. Large files like graphical stress tests can take minutes to transfer over USB, but with a read speed of 130MB/s you could be done up to 5x quicker.

Although the external power is a necessary evil it does unfortunately rule out the nanoSSD for laptops and netbooks, unless you can find a way of jury rigging a power source into the expansion slot. Given the delicate nature of laptop internals we can’t see many people prepared to carry out this particular operation.

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