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G.Skill Phoenix Evo 115GB SSD Review

Category : Storage
Manufacturer : GearGrip

Posted by: Ian Jackson on 2011-05-30

Introducing the Phoenix Evo

Manufacturer: http://www.gskill.com/
Price: £172 inc VAT
Best Price: http://pricebomb.co.uk

Like OCZ and Corsair, G.Skill is another memory manufacturer that has diversified into SSD production. Today we are looking at the firm's flagship product; the Phoenix Evo. This drive is available in only this 115GB capacity - G.Skill's other larger and smaller SSDs use a slightly different controller revision and therefore offer different performance characteristics.


The Phoenix Evo is a 2.5” drive finished in matt black. Like a number of other drives we have tested recently it comes with a 3.5” bracket allowing you to easily install it into your desktop PC. Handily G.Skill’s bracket has a number of installation mounts that allow you to align the drive in such a way to make it compatible with any case. Most brackets only allow you to install the drive in a single orientation, which can cause problems with cases that use caddies rather than screw-in supports to accommodate their 3.5” disks. G.Skill also provides you with a quick start user guide and mounting screws.



Under the Phoenix Evo’s hood lies the SandForce SF-1222 which has been coupled with 25nm NAND flash chips. The formatted capacity of the drive is 107GB which should be plenty to house your Windows 7 OS and a plethora of regularly used applications, but is a little smaller than 120GB models from competing manufacturers. G.Skill claims a peak read transfer rate of a little over 280MB/s and a write speed of 270MB/s. This would be considered lightning-fast a few months ago but compared to the OCZ Vertex 3 and Intel's 510 series it appears quite pedestrian.

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