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Intel 320 Series 120GB SSD Review

Category : Storage
Manufacturer : Intel

Posted by: Ian Jackson on 2011-06-02

Introducing the Intel 320 Series SSD

Manufacturer: http://www.intel.com
Price: £227inc VAT
Best Price: http://pricebomb.co.uk

The Intel 320 could just as easily have been called the X25-M G3, as that is exactly the product we have here today. Using an updated version of the controller used in the previous two X25 series drives, the 320 is Intel’s mainstream oriented solid state product, whilst the firm's Marvell based 510 series covers the high end.


Aesthetically the drive looks quite similar to its predecessors and different to most other solid state drives available today. The enclosure is much slimmer than the normal 2.5" enclosure, allowing it to be fitted into ultra-portable laptops with half height drive bays. A spacer is installed by default so it will still fit snuggly into normal notebooks.

This 120GB variant of the 320 series has a formatted capacity of 112GB and is compatible with Intel’s extremely handy toolbox. As well as providing a wealth of monitoring options the toolbox also allows you to “optimise” your SSD, restoring it to factory performance on demand. This makes the drives an excellent choice for users who have a penchant for micro managing their PC’s performance (yours truly included!).


The Intel drive boasts a decent array of accessories providing you opt for the retail boxed rather than OEM variants. As well as the SSD itself Intel provides a SATA cable, Molex to SATA adaptor, case stickers and a large 3.5” conversion bracket allowing you to easily mount the drive in any desktop PC. You also get mounting screws, a quick start guide and a mini CD containing the aforementioned utilities.

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