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Zalman CNPS 7000-Cu

Zalman, a Korean manufacturer founded in 1999, is a manufacturer of heatsinks and cooling products. Rather than just being another “me too” heatsink maker, Zalman differentiates itself from its...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2003-04-22)

Sunbeam Rheobus Easy Fan Controller

It’s an age old problem. Overclocking creates more heat, which requires additional cooling, which requires additional fans, which creates more noise. A good way to deal with this problem is to be able to slow down or turn off some fans when they...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2003-04-09)

Evercool CUD-715

If you are building an entry to mid-level Athlon based system and don’t wish to spend more on the HSF than you did on the CPU itself; there are now quite a few capable HSF combos fighting for your precious cooling dollars. One such cooler is the...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2003-01-27)

Swiftech MCX-4000

If you have ever opened a computer case before, then there’s a pretty good chance you have heard of Swiftech. Founded in 1994, the company has long been on the cutting edge of air, water and...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2002-12-20)

Thermalright SLK-800

Thermalright entered the Athlon cooling scene with a bang. Their SK-6 was one of the best, if not THE best 60mm cooler for the Athlon available, thoroughly trouncing the aluminum contenders of the day such as Globalwin’s FOP-38. Flash forward to...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2002-10-29)

Taisol P4 Heat pipe cooler

CPU coolers with “heat pipes” are starting to become fairly popular; there are now quite a few models from various manufacturers featuring the technology. Taisol has responded with their own heat pipe cooler for the Pentium 4 (there is also a...... More

(Posted by: Nightmare on 2002-10-16)

Thermaltake Volcano 7+

It is obvious that users want the most efficient product for the cheapest price - usually mutually exclusive requirements - but with their Volcano 7+, ThermalTake have provided one of the best, if not the best Intel Pentium 4 heat-sink...... More

(Posted by: Ultra on 2002-07-26)

5 Fan HDD Cooler

As you may already know, IBM Deskstar GXP HDDs, well, suck. IBM has recently informed people that their HDDs are not conditioned to run for more than eight hours straight. Unfortunately, I found this out to be true. I think it’s pretty sad and...... More

(Posted by: Ultra on 2002-03-20)

Thermalright AX-7 Cooler Review

Thermalright is now one of the big names in the world of CPU cooling along with the likes of Alpha and Swiftech, and thus new releases from them are always worth getting excited about. Their...... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2002-02-20)

Arctic Alumina Review

The last news post where I got myself into some trouble was for a review of Arctic Alumina Thermal compound, where I said: "... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2002-01-28)

Thermaltake Volcano 7

LAter... More

(Posted by: Kuzals on 2002-01-21)

Magic Fleece Noise Dampening Material Review

During one of my frequent chats with Amil from Chillblast, he started rabbiting on about me reviewing something called "magic fleece". Initially I was confused about why he had decided to...... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2002-01-16)

Zalman CNPS 6000 Series Review

The original Zalman 'flower' coolers were one of my first review subjects, and I still think they are innovative and impressive at what they do. However the stakes have upped a little since my...... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2002-01-06)

Zen CPU Radiator Review

Rather than the usual passive metal heat sink with a fan blowing, the Zen features something its maker, T.S. Heatronics likes to call "Heatlane Technology". Basically, the working part of...... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2001-12-21)

OCZ Goliath Cooler Review

OCZ already produce the best performing cooler we have seen here at OcPrices.com - the Dominator². It therefore seems only fitting that another ... More

(Posted by: Ben on 2001-11-07)

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