Uncover 5 Of The Best Coffee Makers Out There

While there are so many brands of coffee makers you would choose from, there is none that would compare to the Keurig. Having been in the market for a number of years, the Keurig has still managed to dominate the market for those who have been wanting a coffee maker. Even first timers for some reason always go for Keurig.

Every six months, Keurig gets to launch a new model of a coffee maker. There is always a slight difference with the last model because each comes with something innovative. There may be complications that may arise with the coffee maker, if you choose to go with a random model. Such may include; leakages, not being able to put it on and having a little amount of coffee flow out of the maker. To prevent these slight hitches, Keurig have decided to test every model every six months to ensure functionality is okay.

1. Keurig K145-OfficePRO

If you are out shopping for a coffee maker and need the Keurig one to be specific, the Keurig K145-OfficePRO Coffee-Maker should be top of your list. The reason it is most preferable and effective is because you require less than one minute to brew your coffee.

This coffee maker is most preferred for official use and all you need to do is fill the size you require having filled the necessary elements. This specific coffee maker is best for office use. It is versatile and portable and especially since it comes with a system that helps to drain out all the elements. Also, the product is durable in that if too much coffee is brewed in a single day, you will not need to worry that it may fail.

It has a few issues of minor incompatibility and it becomes quite noisy during the process of brewing.

2. Keurig K55-Coffee Maker

Coffee is one beverage that you would rather take on those days you prefer to stay indoors. It is easy to make and requires not so much attention. However, if you wish to purchase a coffee machine for your house, you need to consider the Keurig K55-Coffee Maker. Very little time is needed to set up this machine in your home.

Once you have filled the reservoir after set up, you can go ahead to brew your first cup of coffee. The Keurig K55-Coffee Maker can be used at home as well as in the office but is most preferred for home users. The advantages about this machine is that it is flexible and it has undeniably tasty coffee at whatever time of the day you get to brew. The Keurig K55-Coffee Maker does not have an option for descaling and this makes cleaning the machine such a tough job.

3. Keurig 2.0-Series K250 Coffee-Maker

Here is yet another machine from Keurig that you need to consider for either home or office use. While every other aspect as compared to the other machines is the same, there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to setting it up. However, once this has been successfully completed, you are seconds away from experiencing the best and sweetest brewed coffee.

The Keurig 2.0-Series K250 Coffee-Maker comes with its own reservoir. It beats the other similar coffee makers in the same market by the fact that you can brew coffee in large quantities using large sized cups. It has a few disadvantages of not being able to control temperatures, cannot use third part K Cups but only native Keurig-manufactured K-Cups.

4. Keurig-K15 Coffee-Maker

If you desire a coffee maker that is easy to use and for your home especially, then your choice ought to be the Keurig-K15 Coffee-Maker. It does not use up a lot of space and its operation features are just easy to use. Just like other coffee makers, once you have set up the machine, you can have your coffee in any size.

Its limitation however comes with the brewing process. The machine is relatively slower compared to others and the absence of a reservoir would have you keep doing a refill each time you crave for a cup of coffee.

5. Keurig 2.0-K575 Series Coffee-Maker

This machine is another one from the long list of Keurig series. It is one of the most resourceful Keurig coffee-makers as it comes with extremely high qualities that at the end of the day help you brew high quality and high quantity coffee. The 80oz size reservoir is what enables the high quantity coffee. It is totally upgraded because it features a touch screen display showing the brewing process and takes the shortest time brewing coffee.

While it is possible to brew large quantities of coffee, this machine has a few limitations such as the inability to use a third party K Cup, its programming features are only available only for K-Carafes. This makes it best for use in the office and especially for the large quantity brewing bit.

All these coffee makers are able to serve the purpose. Getting the best Keurig coffee-maker will depend entirely with where you want to use it and the simplicity of the programming.

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