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Asus P8P67 LE Motherboard Review

Category : Motherboards
Manufacturer : Asus

Posted by: Ian Jackson on 2011-03-30

Introducing the P8P67 LE

Manufacturer: http://www.asus.com
Price: ~£110 inc VAT
Best Price: http://pricebomb.co.uk

Introduction and Bundle

The P8P67 LE is the baby of Asus’ extensive full-ATX Sandy Bridge motherboard range. The variant we are looking at today is one of the B3 editions, meaning it doesn’t suffer from the potential SATA issue that plagued the first generation of all P67 motherboards. The board comes in an eye-catching black and luminous green coloured box and inside you get a minimal bundle of accessories. As well as the mandatory manual and driver disk, Asus also provides two 6GB/s SATA cables, two conventional SATA cables, an IDE cable and the I/O shield.



Aesthetically the board is decked out in the manufacturer’s now-familiar black and blue colour scheme, and the layout is decent for the most part. An extremely important issue is immediately evident, however. There simply isn’t enough space between the CPU socket and the first DRAM slot, preventing the installation of double height memory modules like Corsair’s Dominator or Vengeance series when you have a large tower cooler installed. Even with the rather small Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro installed we barely had enough space to fit a full complement of DRAM modules. Considering how long Asus has been making decent motherboards, this is a shocking oversight.



In terms of functionality the Asus P8P67 is well-equipped for a value-centric motherboard. Its I/O panel is adorned with eSATA and Firewire and you get eight USB ports, two of which are of the USB 3.0 flavour. A single Gigabit Ethernet port and two PS2 ports complete are also present, while audio is handled by six mini jacks and an optical SPDIF output. Moving to the board itself we find a total of seven SATA ports (6 provided by the Intel P67, and one provided by a Marvell 6GB/s chip) and room for two video cards in a Crossfire configuration. There is enough space that the two video cards will be able to breathe in such a setup, and Asus has wisely spaced the slots so that you can use all three PCI slots, a single 1x PCI Express slot and the second full length PEG slot even with a dual-slot video card installed.


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